The family that prays together, stays together

As Jesus famously said in Matthew, ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’ (18:20). You don’t have to wait for church to worship. Praising God at home will bring the family together for some quality time, and help the family’s focus stay where it should be: on God.

Family-centred worship

Family-centred worship takes into account the needs of a family at any given time. While church will always have a message for every member of any family, family worship at home can cater to exactly what either a single member, or entire family, needs to hear from God. Choose a passage from the Bible that fits your family’s needs, and consider getting a children’s Bible or a Bible for teens to encourage everyone to get involved.

Stuck for ideas?

If you’re not sure what your family worship should focus on, try getting inspiration from a daily devotional. You will have a new topic to focus on for every day of the year, and devotionals designed specifically for families are a great way to get ideas for worshipping at home. Don’t have a devotional? Try an online Christian resource for daily Biblical quotes.

Make a beautiful noise

Children, and even teens, love singing and music. If you are a musical family, get out that guitar and play some of your favourite hymns for the family to sing along to. Better yet, have your children join in on the drums or keyboard, and you’ll have a family band! There is room for music in worshipping at home even if you aren’t musically gifted. If you don’t feel confident in your musical skills, sing along to some gospel hits. Remember, God isn’t concerned with what you sound like – what matters to him is that you are showing your love.

When worshipping at home, there’s no need to create the ‘perfect’ service. You are with Jesus and your loved ones, and anything that comes from the heart is going to be a resounding hit.